After graduating she went into the service. She thought she would be working with planes with the Air Force. But she actually was sent to an office building where regular civilians worked. She realized that her job was to work more closely with corporate workers. She never worked on theflight line. Even though she never worked in the place that she thought, she became very familiar with the planes, weapons and all their parts. She learned there is a business side to the military.In 2015 Charlynda started thinking about her grandfather’s Muttssauce. She asked her mother and she said her grandfather had left an envelope. She found the original recipe for his sauce. She was confused on why he choose her and what to do with it. She looked into finding a mentor and he told her that she should take the recipe and make a food product. She wasn’t what to do, but she made the decision to do it. She pushed herself and it took her about 5 months to get the first product. This is where the Muttssauce was born.

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