Christie group up in Washington state. She was always a very bubbly child and very outgoing. She was always a team player and wanted people to win. She wanted other kids to feel special and important. She was the youngest of six, three bothers and two sisters.She currently lives in Washington and lived in different places during her young adult years but she moved back to Washington. After high school she went to Eastern Washington University with bachelor’s in business and marketing. After college she did an internship at an apartment complex and rented people apartments and condos. She was able to use her business management skills from school. She began getting into social media in 2007 with Facebook. She enjoyed being able to connect with other people and knew she would do something with this but she wasn’t sure what yet.She go into selling things on EBay from items she found at garage sales. She got married in 1995 and had two children. She was a stay at home mom for while. They had a good life untilone day her husband was in an accident. Through his recovery he began to become addicted to prescription drugs. After a marriage of 18 years she got a divorce. Within a short while she lost everything, her home, her car and even her own mother, who passedaway during this hard time. Christie dug deep and looked into her spirit and tried to understand what she was going to do next. This fueled her to do something for other women to help them during hard times or navigate other needs they may need. Christiereally has a true unique leader, giving spirit.Now she works with many women and people in general and help them to navigate social media and other marketing needs with her knowledge and skills. She knew that she was meant for something more and she found her purpose and passion with helping others.