Dr. Shawn Shapiro graduated from college in 1998 with a degree I communications. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. He went into retail and learned many things about to help people through this, but the corporate way was starting to make things difficult in the retail industry.One year his grandmother went in for a surgery and ended up coming out becoming ill. He was very unhappy with the outcome and decided to go into the medical field. He hit many roadblocks with this. He was very confused with how the healthcare system was set up. He found that lifestyle management was not a big part of it. The patients were not well taken care of after surgeries and hospitalization.Although he struggled to decide what to do and while speaking with his grandmother, she mentioned him becoming a chiropractor. So, he moved to Saint Louis to become a chiropractor and help one person at a time. This has been a passion for him over the years. He soon created his own practice so he can help people and give them his time to listen to their needs and help improve their lives one bit at a time.