Lokesh was born in Agra, India. Known for the 7th wonder of the world, the Taj Mahal. He had a very small family and at a young age he was interested in cosmetics. He would look into the ingredients and later in life start to lo9 more into the medical aspects. In high school he started to look into what he needed to do to be a doctor. By the time he graduated he had decided to go into the pharmaceutical side. He got into the pharmacy college and graduated with a degree in pharmaceutical chemistry.He started working in the pharmaceutical industry with injectables -cosmetic and antiviral. Later on, he applied for a job for a research and development position. They asked if he would be interested in being in the cosmetic division. He worked with cosmetics and went to work with clean ingredients for cosmetics and beauty products.In 2001 he came to the US and ended up in Northern California. He started out as a junior chemist. He had made many findings and worked to create many great products. He alsoworked in many different areas from customer service and problem solving. This gave him lots of experience to help him start his own business later.In 2018, Lokesh started his own company. Nilokj Inc. was born in 2018 by Lokesh K. Jain & his better half Nidhi Jain for providing consulting services in research and developmentinnovation of personal care products (skin/body/hair) to commercial andIndie/Niche market brands especially with natural-clean culture philosophyusing most currently available upcycled, natural-clean commoditiesingredients and clinically tested cosmetics active ingredients. Nilokj’s R&Dis headed by Lokesh K. Jain, who brought his broad 23 years of hand onresearch, development and innovation experience covers all spectrum ofLokesh K. Jain conventional/natural based personal care formulation development. R&D-Innovation’s Consulting services are focused and targeted towards high-end skin care (natural-clean and conventional) including OTC/Topical drug products.

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