Sandra Dee is from Pennsylvania. She started on camera at a young age. She went to New York and booked her first of many soap opera rolls. She was in New York for 6 years. She then moved to California and lived and worked there for a while. Her managers were talking to a show in NYC and they wanted Sandra to come back, but she really didn’t want to. She said she would if they gave her things, she thought were outrageous…but they agreed.To this day, she gets many people sending her messages that they saw her on the old shows.She did choose to do acting and “being someone else” because she felt safe being someone else besides herself. She didn’t realize it at the time but later on in life, she realized that’s what she was doing.

Today she is working with other professionals on helping them be able to communicate effectively and be successful as a keynote speaker. She has a few different businesses that encompass these ideas.She believes that everyone has a personal brand. The definition of a brand is the promise of an experience. Even though two people have the same idea for a business but they have two different experiences if you work with them. As a professional you need to look within yourself and understand who you are so you can share your personal brand with others. What do you want to promise to your clients?Instead of trying to get more followers work on finding “your people” and focus on connecting more with them.

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