Sloan grew up in El Paso Texas. Her family is from the area and they created a powerful community with their businesses. From a very young age she was always pushed to be well rounded and experience as much as she can. She was very competitive as a child, she was a part of many different activities and had her hands in many different experiences. Sloan has a younger brother and he is the opposite of her. He was not into competition and was very interested in motor sports and cars.At a young age she lost her father and her mom became a single mother over night. Her mother worked very hard to create her own businesses and strived to achieve her goals and dreams. She showed Sloan that resilience can be beautiful and graceful not hard and rough around the edges.While in high school she was a people to people ambassador. She spent 3 weeks in Australia, which taught her a lot about herself. She decided to push herself to start big school early. She started freshmen year at 13 and graduated at 16. She went to Texas A&M for 5 years. During college she learned so much and had many failures. She wanted to do too many things and her grades suffered because she spread herself too thin. This was very humbling for her and she had to reassess her priorities. She realized that sometimes she can’t do everything.After college she spent some time traveling all over the US. One day she decided she would move to Nashville. She felt like Texas was a safety net for her and so she decided she needed to get out of her safety zone. She didn’t have a job or a place to live. She ended up telling her mother and a funny thing came about. Her mother’s fiancé at the time had a job offer in Nashville. She ended up moving in with them for a while. This was very hardfor Sloan because she had lived on her own since 17. She soon met her husband and they now have their roots in Tennessee.At the age 23, Sloan tried working as a bar tender. This taught her that she was not in the protective environment of college. This was real life. She worked as a personal assistant. She ended up getting fired based on a miscommunication and looking back on it, she realized that she didn’t have the confidence and strength to stand up for yourself. She just didn’t know herself. She didn’t stand tall in that environment and let it influence her. She ended up going to work for a job recruiting position. She learned that she loved getting know people and business and connecting them.Later on after her and her husband in married they movedto Kentucky and she became a fitness instructor and health coach. She took part in a beauty pageant, Mrs. Kentucky United States. This was the perfect time for her because she was more comfortable in her own skin. She ended up winning. Through this she was able to see her own passion and learned self awareness. She saw a theme of servant attitude. From here she started her company the Glow Getter Project. She loves to help people find their glow and to help them find themselves.She started to realize that personal development and growth never ends and that in order for you to be successful you have to keep moving. She then changed the name to The Glow Project and her non profit The Glow Movement.She was on the top of the world with everything going on at the time. Then her husband got a promotion and they had to move again. She had to leave her community, her network and everything that she had created. This issue was that this was just temporary. When she moved she struggled to feel good about herself.However, she was able to spend quality time with her son. This taught her that her worth is not based on what we’ve done, it’s who we are. This season in her life pushed her to really go in and look within. She was able to let go of her ego and pride and allowed her grace and love shine. She really focused on herself and her journey and she decided that she wanted to help others during their own journey and lives as a coach and mentor.

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