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What an amazing Unique Leaders Podcast! ????❤️ with my special guest, Wendy Howell! By day, Wendy Howell is the Chief of Staff for a Cisco Systems Business Unit – By night and in every other waking moment, Wendy is a passionate advocate for “all things girl”. She is deeply involved in non-profit as the Managing […]

Nothing happens without seeing it first, believing it in your heart and then taking action. Yes, this is a camper but it means so much more! The story is long and complex, but I’ll keep it short. God gave my dear friend Nick Austin a vision to help woman heal from the scars they have […]

CLARITY Someone asked me yesterday why am I not retiring? You see I just turned 70 last year and I sold my brick and mortar spa, The Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic. Most people would “retire.” That is what most people would do. Why!? I answered her that I am very blessed to know […]