Meet Megan

Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling author on Amazon, speaker and a hope & possibilities girl

Hello! My name is Megan Di Martino

Beautifying the World since 1992

I have been a lifelong creator of beauty with a serving mentoring spirit! I began my career in NYC in the Fashion and Beauty Industries. From there I have started, scaled and sustained three 7 figure business, and sold two of these businesses over the last 30 years.

I launched my first Skin Care Product Brand, Glycolique in 1992. Glycolique was a pioneer in “Result-Oriented” Skin Care, attributing to the Med Spa phenomenon. In 1997 I re-engineered Glycolique and launched Novita Spa Clinicals. The Novita Spa Clinicals, a “Clean Beauty” line, are sold nationally through Salons, Spas, and Medical Spas since 1992 and on

In 2005 I launched the award-winning Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic, in the Georgetown-Austin, Texas area. The Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic combined Luxury Day Spa services with Clinical–Medical Facial Treatments. In 2019 we launched a Wellness Program with Regenerative Stem Cell, IV Vitamin Infusions and Infrared Sauna. All enhanced by the Novita Spa Skin Care Products.

The Unique “Hybrid Spa Concept” was created!

Novita Spa…New Birth, New Life…Always Something New!

The New “Hybrid” Novita Beauty and Regenerative Wellness is open! It combines the Hybrid Concept where we marry Clinical–Medical Aesthetics, Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy, and other Wellness Treatments!

2020 was a milestone year!

In 2020 my book “Hope and Possibilities Just Over The Horizon..It Is Never Too Early or Too Late to Create The Life of your Dreams” went to #1 on Amazon in 4 Business Categories.

After these 30 years of building businesses, I am now taking all my business and mentoring experience to assist others to identify their dreams, goals, and aspirations and to attain them with my Propel Your Business and Life Activation Program. This interactive program will assist you to start, scale and sustain the business and life of your dreams!

If you are looking for someone who is results oriented

with a system to start, scale and sustain your business

I am consulting with businesses and individuals who want to expand and grow their businesses and their lives.

I work with entrepreneurs, business professionals and small business owners who are seeking to start, scale and sustain 6 to 7 figure businesses. Starting with a process of inquiry, discovery and creative problem solving, I can help you develop a plan to achieve your desired goal.

I am known for my ability to pioneer new processes with product development, increasing sales and growing successful sales teams.

My ability to motivate, challenge and provide strategy for growth is a signature offering. You will learn how to push through obstacles standing in the way of growth and success.

My virtual course, PROPEL Activation Program: “Start, Scale and Sustain the Business and Life of Your Dreams”, will give you hope and infinite possibilities to attain your goals.

Be Blessed,