Start, Scale and Sustain the
The 5 C’s
Clarity, Courage, Confidence, Commitment & Compassion

You may have had a dream for a very long time.
You may be in a dead end job and want to get out of it.
You may have had a dream, goal and desire to begin something.
But, why haven’t you? You’re not unusual.

Most people plan but do not take that step.
Starting a business and or new project isn’t easy.
Most people fail within five years.

“If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning To Fail.”
Benjamin Franklin

After 30 Years of Designing, Building and Sustaining three 7 Figure Businesses,
I knew it was time to help you to design the business and life of your dreams.

I have designed The Propel Activation Program to give you the
Tools to Start, Scale and Sustain the Business and Life of Your Dreams!

“Megan has been my mentor, coach and inspiration for 12 years. From the beginning of my aesthetic career through today. I was trained in the 5C’s throughout. I have recently started my own business. Without her guidance, mentoring and confidence in me, I could not have done this transition so easily! I use and rely on the 5 C’s to build my new Spa business daily. Thank you Megan!”

“I recently started my own Aesthetic Spa Business after working for Megan DiMartino during the last 8 years of my career! I joined Megan at the Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic, shortly after getting my Aesthetic License! I could not have begun this new business with out her guidance, mentoring and encouragement! Continuing Megan’s Philosophy of S.P.A Special – Pampering – Attitude for each Guest. From Hello to Forever with the Novita Result Oriented Skin Care created the Clarity I need for the foundation! Thank you Megan!”

“The only ones who lose are the ones who don’t start.
You have already won.”

– Doug Thurston

Take that First Step…the Second and
Third Step will be revealed to you…CLARITY

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