Executive Consultant


I work with entrepreneurs, business professionals and small business owners who are seeking to start, scale and sustain 6 to 7 figure businesses. Starting with a process of inquiry, discovery and creative problem solving, I can help you develop a plan to achieve your desired goal.

I am known for my ability to pioneer new processes with product development, increasing sales and growing successful sales teams.

If you are looking for someone who is results oriented with a system to start, scale and sustain your business, please contact me. My ability to motivate, challenge and provide strategy for growth is a signature offering. You will learn how to push through obstacles standing in the way of growth and success.

As part of this process, my Executive Consulting program will:

• Identify where you are and where you would like to be
• Provide clarity on a plan to reach your goals
• Identify areas of growth and improvement
• Access your current impact
• Build sales and sales teams as an extension of you the owner
• Develop an action plan to establish, measure and assess goals
• Provide accountability and support every step of the way

In addition to in-person consulting, I also offer virtual consulting for owners, managers, team leaders and professionals.

Let’s work together!

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