Do You Have Skin in the Game?

by Megan Di Martino

Do You Have Skin In The Game? It’s Time!

Give the Gift Of Time, Beauty and Wellness…Now!!!
It is Time To Give Yourself this Gift…..

As I am approaching my 71st journey around the sun, just know it is never too early or too late to create the life of your dreams!

As you know we did Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy at The Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic. Revolutionary WITH changed my life! I was recently introduced to a new Revolutionary Stem Cell Technology that will change your life! Life Wave Stem Cell Activation Patches!!

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It has been a joy to bring to you these wonderful people. They all share a common thread wanting to bring light and love to the world through all their stories of pain, perseverance and triumphs!

Enjoy last weeks episode with Sandra Dee Robinson

A little about Sandra: Sandra Dee Robinson is a self-empowerment enthusiast. She is a communication and leadership coach for entrepreneurs and professionals. She is an international speaker, author, TV and radio host, equine -assisted coaching facilitator and, recovered actress. Her first major role TV as a teen was Amanda Cory on Another World. From there she starred on Sunset Beach, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, The Bay and guest starred on many prime time shows, like CSI Miami, Zoey 101 and Two and a Half Men. Sandra Dee founded Charisma on Camera Presentation Training in 2010 and Horsepowered Consulting, featuring her exclusive Charismatic Cowgirl Leadership retreats, in 2019. In recent years the media has labeled her, “The Charisma Coach,” Stemming from her success as a coach for entrepreneurs, authors and celebrities around the world to help them live an Unbridled LIFE by naturally stepping into their most powerful self.
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EVOLVE | My history with Glycolique & Novita Spa Clinical Products


Over the last 25 years, I have been one of the pioneers in result-oriented medical grade skin care. I have built two skin care lines, Glycolique and Novita Spa Clinical products which are sold to salons, spas, medical spas and are also available on I was the first to launch result-oriented skin care to Salons in 1992. I trained and educated Salons to evolve into Luxury Day and Medical Spas.

My vision contributed to the Day Spa & Medical Spa industries that we know today.

In April 2020, my award-winning skin care line, Novita Spa Clinicals and the Hybrid Concept in Beauty, was a finalist in the Product Innovation Category, for the Austin Women’s Way Awards. 

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