We Can Make a Difference!

by Megan Di Martino

Our decisions shape our destiny.

I knew when making the decision to open a Spa in Georgetown, Texas, and not in Ft Worth where I lived, was going to be life changing.

The decision had personal implications but I also knew it was going to be extremely impactful on my business and life as well.

I had been training Salons and Spas since 1992 nationally, for their Aesthetic Skin Care Businesses, utilizing the Novita Spa Clinical Products.

I knew it was time to open a Luxury Day-Medical Spa and a Continuing Education Training Center.

Not necessarily in a city that I didn’t live in!!

I also knew it was time for me to bring these amazing products and 20 years of experience to you!

God has a plan

The last 20 years of my business and life have evolved from this one decision!

Go Slow and Listen. Ask, Seek and Knock for direction.

Get Clarity

Take that step and keep moving!

Novita…New Birth…New Life…Always Something New!

It is now time to give you the opportunity to share with your special people the Novita Spa Clinicals Products!



In celebration of the New Year and New Beginnings we are sharing…

If you have not tried the Novita products yet…NOW IS The Time!

The Best Way to Begin is The Miracle Experience Try Me Kit!

“A new day, a new opportunity, a new chance to be the best version of yourself.”

Make that Decision!

Be blessed my friend!

Propel Your Business & Life Programs

The creation of the Propel Program began in 2021 and the full introduction of the Propel Programs have been introduced during 2023. But actually, it’s been a 35-year journey of building business and integrating them with my life.

Earlier this year I launched the Propel DAILY, a Daily Message of Inspiration and Encouragement, that is texted to you early AM every day!

I look forward to beginning each day together!

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I have had a Podcast for years. Many of you will remember Unique Leaders Live. I interviewed Business Leaders, Authors, Speakers & Media Experts for two years.

You can find these interviews on YouTube and on all Podcast Platforms. I put a pause on Unique Leaders last March as I was creating the Propel Program.

This March I launched The Propel DEEP DIVE. I wanted to do something unique. The Propel DEEP DIVE includes you in the conversation with these extraordinary people.

During the Propel DEEP DIVE I interview my very special guest on Streamyard. It is also streamed LIVE on YouTube and LinkedIn and into the Propel Your Business & Life Facebook Group.

After the Interview portion we open the Green Room up to you. You can ask questions of this very special individual.

Every Thursday Night has become a very exciting and powerful time for many who join us into this conversation!

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Many of you know, I published my book Hope & Possibilities…Just Over The Horizon. It Is Never Too Early Or Too Late To Create The Life Of Your Dreams, in December of 2019. It went to #1 on Amazon in 4 Business Category’s January 4th, 2020.

I share this here because nearly 12 years ago, shortly after my husband Paul went home to Heaven, God gave me the mandate to share my story. My story I asked? Paul’s illness, tonight and his passing, my life story? God doesn’t answer those questions.

Over the next 8 years I started journaling and then with many stops and starts I wrote “My Story.”

I look forward to having you with me and the Propel Community as we expand the Kingdom of God together, as only you uniquely can do!

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