Stay in Your Own Lane

by Megan Di Martino

Stay In Your Own Lane

When you hear that statement, what does that say to you?
It may sound very limiting. “STAY in your own lane.”

But let’s look at this statement in a different way. When you discover your LANE you will gain clarity to your purpose and passion.

I shared on my Megan Di Martino Hope and Possibilities Live Video, your lane is not given to you, it is discovered by revelations. They are revealed to you during your life. These understandings are your interests. They are what makes your heart sign!


When you arrive and discover your lane, you MUST stay on and in that lane. Your lane will evolve and flow, but it is YOUR lane. I share in the Megan Di Martino video, that I was very blessed at a young age, during a very difficult time in my life, my purpose was revealed to me. Please watch the full video above.

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My purpose is you! To assist you to identify your dreams, goals and desires and to actualize them. To find your lane!! My passion is to create. I have been creating since I remember me! It is part of my DNA.

I have been blessed to create many things, but in creating my two businesses, and, I have been able to stay in my lane of my purpose and passion. I have learned to listen to that still quiet voice. That gift is in all of us. Ask and then listen.

The 3 steps to identify your lane:
  1. Visualize…See It
  2.  Verbalize…Speak It
  3.  Actualize…Take Action

Jerimiah 29:11

In my book, “Hope & Possibilities Just Over the Horizon. It is Never too Early or too Late to Create the Life of Your Dreams,” I share my story OF MY LANE!

The night my husband Paul went home to heaven, that quiet voice mandated me to “Share my Story.” In December, 2019 I published my story. It went to #1 in three categories on January 4, 2020.
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PROPEL is my Business Accelerator Program to Start, Scale, and Sustain the Business and Life of Your Dreams.
This program will help you find your lane by exploring with the 5 C’s:
Clarity, Courage,Confidence, Commitment, Compassion.

I am excited to share with you!

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Be Blessed,

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EVOLVE | My history with Glycolique & Novita Spa Clinical Products


Over the last 25 years, I have been one of the pioneers in result-oriented medical grade skin care. I have built two skin care lines, Glycolique and Novita Spa Clinical products which are sold to salons, spas, medical spas and are also available on I was the first to launch result-oriented skin care to Salons in 1992. I trained and educated Salons to evolve into Luxury Day and Medical Spas.

My vision contributed to the Day Spa & Medical Spa industries that we know today.

In April 2020, my award-winning skin care line, Novita Spa Clinicals and the Hybrid Concept in Beauty, was a finalist in the Product Innovation Category, for the Austin Women’s Way Awards. 

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