Nothing happens without seeing it first, believing it in your heart and then taking action.

Yes, this is a camper but it means so much more!

The story is long and complex, but I’ll keep it short.

God gave my dear friend Nick Austin a vision to help woman heal from the scars they have been carrying with them. These scars encompass all scars physical and emotional. The process would begin with her professional photography. Women would come and share their “Scar Stories,” in a safe and beautiful environment.

Her mission was to begin a non-profit that would have a photo studio. At this photo studio women could come and have a photo shoot and share their story! They would be seen and heard, possibly for the first time in their lives.

In 2019 Nick Austin took action. The non-profit We Are Not Broken was founded. Nick opened a small photo studio off the square in downtown Georgetown, TX. The response from women wanting to share their stories has been explosive. She now has a larger studio in the same building. Women from all over the country have reached out wanting to share their stories!

Nick again went into prayer. She asked for a camper that could be converted to a mobile photo studio for We Are Not Broken. This would enable her to reach women remotely. At first in Texas and the region. God provided her with a donation of this 33-foot camper!

Her next vision is to have affiliate We Are Not Broken photographers around the USA assisting women to share their “Scar Stories,” lending hope on the path to their healing.
Matthew 7:7

Amazingly, after I posted the above story about my friend Nick on Facebook, this popped up on the memories. Wow! In this Facebook Live video, I was saying the same thing.



The most amazing part is, a year ago when I did this live, I had no idea what 2020 would “behold” for me!

Behold! I am doing a new thing – Isaiah 43

There is always Novita, new birth, new life, always something new!

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