The Power of Change

by Megan Di Martino

Why is change powerful? Is change inevitable?

The definition of change is “the act of making or becoming different.” As we know nothing stays the same. Everyday our bodies evolve. I’d rather use the word “Evolve” rather than dying or decaying, because we also can grow and blossom as we change if we choose growth! It’s a matter of choice.

Why do we resist change?
  1. It can feel like a personal loss
  2. It feels different
  3. It may not look like what we thought should be happening
We need to start building a new relationship with change. Instead of dreading it, we need to learn to embrace it. It is a mind set and it begins by trusting your own instincts.

I shared on Megan Di Martino Live: Hope & Possibilities a history about the beginning of photography. It began with very primitive tools and techniques but soon Kodak changed it all. In 1948 Polaroid introduced their instant photography camera, which caused a battle between Kodak and Polaroid. It really didn’t have to happen. It was based on fear and control.

This fear and control ended up destroying Polaroid and Kodak didn’t embrace change when digital photography was introduced and began to evolve.

Listen to the whole story on
Megan Di Martino Live: Hope & Possibilities

During the last year I have been walking in faith. I have embraced the change that has been put in front of me. It is all very exciting! I have been creating many new programs and projects with Novita Spa Clinical Products and a business course entitled, “Propel Business Accelerator Course: Creating the Business and Life of Your Dreams.” I know that they will bless many. Both to be announced soon!

Without change they would not be happening.

Last year began with publishing my book, “Hope and Possibility Just Over the Horizon… It is Never Too Early Or To Late To Create the Life of Your Dreams” on Amazon. The night my husband went home to Heaven in 2011, God gave me a directive. I was to share my story. It was very uncomfortable to share my story, but I listened.

Hope and Possibilities
On December 29, 2019, l published my book on Amazon and it went to #1 January 4, 2020.  It is my story. It is about the changes in my life since I was a young girl in New York till Paul’s passing. It is now FREE for you on my website

Also, a year ago I launched my livestream and podcast, “Unique Leaders Live.”
You can join me every Friday at 4 PM CT on Facebook, YouTube and listen on all podcasting platforms – iTunes, Spotify etc. If you want to hear past shows – LISTEN HERE!

My guests share their amazing journey to their successes. I know you will be blessed.

During this season of spring and new birth, which ushers in change in the earth, I pray that you will embrace all that God is showing you. The potential changes in your life.

Listen. Trust. Take action!
Be Blessed,

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