Novita Beauty & Regenerative Wellness Boutique IS OPEN for You!!

by Megan Di Martino

When I look at these photos I think back to February and when I first saw this building.

It was a mess. I will share photos from the beginning before anything was done at another time. On top of the obvious of all new floors and paint, walls were taken down to create the “Unique Boutique”.

All the hall way lighting was changed in the treatment area. The bathroom needed structural work and oh yes…two weeks ago the AC, that was here from the ‘80’s, needed to be replaced!

Yikes!! Why did I do this!?

I knew I wasn’t finished.

My Heartlink has always been to bring YOU cutting edge treatments and home care products for your facial, body and synergistic wellness needs.

This is more important now then ever.

The intimate Novita Beauty & Regenerative Wellness Boutique is your “One Stop” Beauty & Wellness Sanctuary! We will be doing an array of Clinical-Medical Facial treatments that create visible results for all. Along with Botox and Dermal Fillers by our extraordinary Medical Director Dr. Gwen Brandon.

After I had Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy in 2018, and had dramatic results, I knew I needed to bring Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy to you. We have been doing Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy since 2019 at Novita Regenerative!

We now have added a Vitamin Infusion Program and of course our Clear Light Infrared Sauna is back for all your systemic wellness needs.

In the “Unique Boutique” we will be carrying an array of Beauty & Wellness Product lines along with the Novita Clinical products as well as Mineral and other Make-Up in our Glamour Room.

I am thrilled to be introducing our Custom Fragrance Bar by the world renowned Perfumer Sue Phillips and much more!

I am joyful to support my dear friend Nick Austin with her Non Profit We Are Not Broken and Featuring her Beautiful one of a kind art clothing pieces Perspective Designs!!

We will be creating custom events for you! Contact us and we will create a plan for your Weddings, Birthdays, Girl’s Weekend and Gala Preparations. Any event that YOU want to Create Memories Together in a beautiful one of a kind space!!

Check out our VIP Packages and Membership Programs, designed just for you!



We will be doing our 1st Wellness Seminar on Regenerative Biologics Wednesday, August 3rd here at the Novita Beauty & Regenerative Wellness Boutique! Many more topics and speakers to come!

Call 512-864-2773 today to set up a Customized Individual Consultation. I will design a plan just for you! It will encompass all your beauty and wellness needs!

Stay tuned for OPENING EVENTS to come! I can’t wait to have you with us!

Be Blessed💜

Novita Beauty & Regenerative Wellness Boutique

115 W. 9th Street, Georgetown, TX 78626
512-864-2773  |

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