What If ?

by Megan Di Martino

What If?
This was a question I heard recently….think about it!
I share my “What If” journey in my live video for this week.

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I have learned to listen and trust the still quiet voice of the Holy Spirit in my spirit. There are many times I have listened and there many times I have not listened. There is a huge difference when you ask, listen, trust and take action.

It takes time to build this understanding. It doesn’t come easily. But, it is a life changer. Over the years I have been at many, many very steep and potentially dangerous crossroads. Without asking for guidance in prayer, listening, trusting and then taking action, change and growth will not happen.

One of those very pivotal moments was when my husband Paul went home to heaven. The morning after he passed, as the day was dawning, as I looked into the backyard, it was filled with white butterflies. Oh my goodness…I asked God what was he saying to me? As I was quiet in prayer and meditation, I heard in my spirit…”Share your story.”

“Share my story?” I asked. “What story?  Tonight? My life story?” God doesn’t answer those kind of questions.
I continued to pray and listen. It took 8 years. I journaled. I wrote an outline in 2017. Then with that quiet voice in my spirit I started. Then I completed my story!

“Hope and Possibilities..Just Over the Horizon..It Is Never Too Early or Too Late To Create The Life of Your Dreams!” It is here for you! I prayed, I listened, trusted and took action!

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Last year, again, I was guided to reach out and share people’s amazing stories. You will see yourself in their stories. You will be blessed by their stories!

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Remember, What If?
Pray, Listen,Trust and Take Action!
Be Blessed,

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