During this season of Hope I wanted to share my story of Hope and Possibilities.
I know it will be an encouragement for someone!
Hope and Possibilities



The directive to write and share my story with you, was given to my spirit the night my husband Paul went home to heaven. Paul and I were together ever so short, but he healed my heart forever. He truly was my greatest cheerleader.
This is a difficult season for many and this year many of us including me, can not be with our families. It creates a very different season.
I thought you may enjoy a story of a NYC girl who now has been deep in the heat of Texas for many years now!
It has a backdrop of the NYC area in the 1950’s-1980’s then on to Texas and beyond. It is a story of love, adventure, friendship and creativity. It is a story of sadness, disappointments and loss. It is ultimately a story of Hope and Faith!
This is my gift to you…today and always. If you’d like to connect with me please contact me on either megandimartino.com or novitaspa.com.
Have a beautiful day…and happy reading!
Be Blessed,
Honored & Grateful! ❤️❤️
Never Stop…Ever…With Your Dreams, Goals and Desires!
I was humbled and honored to learn that the Novita Spa was awarded the Bronze Award in the “Best of Georgetown” for
The Best Day Spa 2019-2020! ????
I truly love, thank and honor the Novita Spa Team of dedicated and very talented women, who truly are the recipients of this honor with me. We have been committed since 2005 to care for each and every guest. To create true results with value while never compromising on our Novita “Special Pampering Attitude”
As a young woman my dream was to create… After years working with the Wholesale Beauty Industry in National Sales and Marketing, I realized it was to create a “Result Oriented” Skin Care line.
In 1992 I launched my first skin care brand Glycolique. I scaled it then sold it in 1996.
In 1997 I developed again and started Novita Spa Clinical Products.
This “Clean Product” line has been sold to Salons, Spas and Medical Spas for close to 30 years!
In 2004 I came to Georgetown, Texas. As an Aesthetician myself, I pioneered the 1st Novita Spa. It was at Rachel & Company in a 1 Room Studio! I knew no one.
In 2005 I opened the 1st Novita Spa on the Square in the building with DIVA. I had 900 square feet on the gallery. We opened July 2005 together.
In 2007 I took the space that you know today.
I restored it and designed the Novita Spa, a Tuscan hillside retreat that you have known and loved.
Over the years I EVOLVED it from The Novita Spa on the Square to The Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic..”A True Hybrid”.. combining Luxury Day Spa Services with Medical and Wellness Services for true results and that Novita “Special Pampering Attitude”
In 2010 The city of Georgetown launched the “Best Of Georgetown” awards program.
It is a Joy and a Honor to have won the Best Day Spa in the “Best of Georgetown” every year since!
It is a blessing to have won this honor at this time.
This is my last year to be eligible.
In June I sold the brick and mortar spa. I sold it to a company that owns several other Spas in the Austin, Texas area, Halina European Day Spa. You may have noticed that the sign now says Halina.
I did not sell my product line Novita Spa Clinicals, nor the trade name Novita Spa, the web site novitaspa.com or the Novita Spa Clinical product Shopping Cart that is on novitaspa.com
Novita is an Italian word. It means New Birth…New Life…Always Something New…That’s my promise!
The Novita Spa Clinical Products are available on novitaspa.com, at Halina Spa, and soon to be available at other lovely retail locations to be announced.
After 15 years of serving Georgetown, Texas for all your Beauty and Spa needs I say “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for this award. Thank you for allowing me to serve you! It has been my Joy!
I am not saying goodbye…I am saying.. Novita…New Birth..Always Something New!
Megan Di Martino