Don’t Go Dark!

by Megan Di Martino

Don’t Go Dark.
A year ago, on Saturday, March 21, 2020, we were told to close our doors and stay home.
After my staff of The Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic left for the last time in a while, I sat in the boutique of the Spa and prayed, “Now what Lord?”

God never answers those questions.

As I was quiet and meditating I heard in my spirit whisper to me, “Don’t Go Dark.”
We were all heading into the unknown, but, I listened and never went dark!

Everyday I got up and did my daily routine; got dressed and went to the Spa. I did this everyday!
Because of this conscious decision, my life will never be the same.

Here are the 7 things that kept me on this unknown journey:

1. Establish and keep a morning routine
2. Have a positive mental attitude and mind set, no matter what!
3. Self discipline – change your habits if need be and become a slave to them
4. Live everyday as it could be your last
5. Focus on gratitude and giving thanks for all people and things, big or small, good or bad
6. Always look for the silver lining in all circumstances
7. In everything have Hope

“Greatness is not for the chosen few. But, for the few that choose.”
– Chop Wood Carry Water

We are all on this journey of life together.
I was very blessed to have my book “Hope and Possibilities Just Over the Horizon.. It’s Never Too Early Or Too Late to Create The Life Of Your Dreams” go to #1 on Amazon in January of 2020.

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