by Megan Di Martino


I am so blessed that you are here during this Month Of Love!!

During these last 18 years you have been my inspiration!!
I was not ready to stop!

It has been 6 months since I opened the doors to the “NEW” Novita Beauty & Regenerative Wellness at 115 W 9th Street, in the new South Main Arts District!

My heart was to bring back the Infrared Sauna for your health and wellness needs. Several conditions that the Infrared Sauna assists to minimize the inflammation from arthritis and other auto immune conditions. It assists with sleep or lack of and mood elevation.

Also, to continue the Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy that we have been doing since 2019 along with IV Vitamin Infusions.

I shared in my last newsletter that I had Novita…Something New for 2023!

In December God opened the door to several of my Novita sisters, Bridgett Gloria and Melissa Vasquez, that had been with me at the Novita on 7th Street for many, many years. During the last almost 2 years they have started their own businesses.

They have moved their Aesthetic and Massage Businesses into Novita Beauty & Regenerative Wellness at 115 W 9th Street. For further information please contact us.

I send MY LOVE to YOU!! ❤

Be Blessed,

Novita Beauty & Regenerative Wellness

115 W. 9th Street, Georgetown, TX 78626
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