by Megan Di Martino

Welcome to TODAY’S Segment of the…DAILY PROPEL CONNECT!

I am so joyful to introduce you to the PROPEL CONNECT!!

Success is an Inside Job. It doesn’t just happen. There are steps to it, a formula of sorts.

It begins with a mind set…then Clarity of what you want and what you don’t want!

Let’s Begin!

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As a Skin Care Product Developer for over 30 years and having Started, Scaled and Sustained 3 – 7 figure businesses (and sold two), I knew it was TIME to assist others to identify their dreams, goals and aspirations…and to attain them!

People ask me all the time what products I use? My answer is always the same! Mine…the Novita Spa Clinicals.

Sold at the Novita Beauty & Regenerative Wellness AND online at WWW.NOVITASPA.COM

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As in skin care products and business there is so much misinformation! I will be Connecting product skin care CORRECT information with business building tools!

You can also join me on the Propel Your Business & Life-Activation Program Group!

You will be able to Connect with the Propel Community every week in the Propel your Business & Life DEEP DIVE “Live” Masterclass on the Propel 5 C’s of Business!!

Clarity, Courage, Confidence, Commitment, Compassion

We will also be LIVE Weekly in The Propel Your Business & Life DEEP DIVE Masterclass!

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There Is Always Hope and Infinite Possibilities…
It’s Never Too Early or Too Late to Create the Life of Your Dreams…

Let’s Propel Together!

Be Blessed,

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