Mother’s Day is Here!💛

by Megan Di Martino

Mother’s Day Is Here!!!

It is one of my favorite Holidays!! We’re ALL Moms….Sharing our Love and Hearts! My heart has always been to assist others with their needs…to create true results! Over the last 30 years, yes 30 years!, I have been creating “Result-Oriented” System Skin Care! I launched Glycolique, based on Glycolic Acid, in 1992!

Then in 1997 I created the Novita Spa Clinical Products! Novita…New Birth…New Life…Always Something New!! Glycolique and The Novita Spa Clinicals have been sold to Salons, Spas and Medical Spas Nationally and to consumers on since 1992!

In honor of Mother’s Day I have a Novita Spa Clinical Product Special…

In the early 2000’s I knew it was time to create a space that would share the Novita Spa Clinical Products and the Facial Treatments I was training other Spas and Aestheticians to do that create “True Results” with value and love! The Novita Spa was launched in Georgetown, Texas 2004!

It has been Evolving ever since!

In 2019 I launched Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy. This was after having Stem Cell Therapy myself instead of having knee replacement surgery.

I am evolving again with the Novita Spa Regenerative & Wellness Boutique!

The Unique Boutique will not only have the Novita Spa Clinical Products but other Beauty, Wellness and Unique Fashion and Gift products!

We will be doing Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy with Body and Facial Treatments. Along with Vitamin Infusions and Infrared Sauna Sessions!

We will be sharing the Clinical – Medical Facial Treatments that I have been offering for these many years with a “Special Pampering Attitude!

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Give the Gift of Time and Beauty to your special someone from the Award-Winning Novita Spa Regenerative & Wellness Boutique!

All occasions need to be celebrated! We are here to assist you with all your gift giving needs!

Use the button below to order Gift Certificates and Programs from the Novita Spa Regenerative & Wellness Boutique!

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Novita…New Birth…New Life…Always Something New!

Be Blessed,

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