by Megan Di Martino

We are GETTING READY for the June Opening of the Novita Regenerative & Wellness Boutique!

I can’t wait for you to experience the “New” Hybrid Regenerative and Wellness Concept with the Unique Boutique!

The Champagne Open House Early June!!

I have created an Introductory Regenerative & Wellness Package for YOU!

Let’s Chat and Set Up Your Program and Discuss Your Goals and Needs!

I look forward to being with you all again soon and to assist you with your health and beauty needs!

If in need of the Novita Spa Clinical Products please order at The Novita Spa Clinical Products will soon be available at Novita Regenerative & Wellness Boutique!

Again, please feel free to contact me at 512 864 2773 or at with your questions and thoughts!
I look forward to having you with me very soon!

Novita…New Birth…New Life…Always Something New!

Be blessed my friend!

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