Are you ready to suit up and show up?

Here in Texas we’ve been through a tough 10 days. It’s been a tough year.


We have all experienced challenges around the world this year.

A year ago when I was told I had to lock the door of the Novita Spa, God spoke into my spirit “Don’t go dark!” What did that mean?

But, think about it. It could be, maybe just maybe, could be God’s preparation.

What appears as a set back is a set up for a come back.

Believe It!!!!

Rejection is God’s Protection.
Get Ready. Walk into God’s Plan.
Isiah 43

Listen – Trust – Action

It is “Never Too Early or Too Late to Create the Life of Your Dreams.”

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You must listen. Your Purpose is not given to you but it is “Revealed”!

It Evolves. The core of your purpose is always there. Over time it grows and blossoms.

Three Steps Along the Path to Your Purpose:
1) Get Out of Your Own Way. God Has a Purpose for Your Life.
 2) Listen to Your Heart Not Your Head
3) Take Small Steps…But, Stretch Yourself and Take That Step…Your Purpose Will be Revealed to You

I am always evolving and the essence of my Purpose is YOU!


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Be blessed my friends,
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