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Welcome Unique Leaders Podcast with my special guest Kay Briggs with #PinkPoppyBoutique​! Learn how this woman grew her business with hope and possibilities! Pink Poppy Boutique #MeganDiMartino​ #HopeandPossibilities​ #UniqueLeadersPodcast​

Nick Austin is the inspiring President and CEO of #WeAreNotBroken​. She will be share her inspiring story of how she began her non profit program…We Are Not Broken and how it is helping women world wide! She will also be talking about her #FaithSeed​ creations. So very unique! You will want them for you and […]

Join us for today’s Unique Leaders Podcast with Hope & Possibilities ❤ My special guest, Karla Runner! We spoke about Karla’s journey of Hope & Possibilities in the beauty industry. Karla K Runner functions in both ministry and business and fully embraces both. A forerunner in the Eyelash Extensions end of the Beauty Industry, she […]