As a young girl I was always creating things that would include others. I always wanted to expand everyone’s horizons along with mine!

From creating trinkets and selling them in the neighborhood to learning to double dutch jump rope from a group of girls at the corner candy store, then teaching the entire school yard how to do it. I was always creating. But, I also wanted to share my exploits with everyone!

I just couldn’t help myself!

As a young woman I was very blessed to really discover my purpose.
The seeds of my youth were there. Creating with and for everyone. Those seeds were being watered.

Then during a season of great need I entered a relationship with the Tupperware Corporation! I started selling plastic bowls. I’m sure many of you remember Tupperware Parties.

It wasn’t Tupperware itself that helped me discover my Purpose. Heck no.

It was you!

After, 6 months of “Selling” I became a manager of my own Team called the “Megaphones”.

I needed a car and income.

As a manager you received a Ford LTD Station Wagon. Wow! That was my initial motivation. My initial Why! But, during the recruiting of people for the Megaphones, and then building their “sales” abilities, I realized it was YOU!

The car and the income were great. I learned early on that it was to help you define your goals and to help you to find your why. To help you grow. That became my purpose!

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This burning desire to help YOU identify your dreams, goals and desires has never been stronger. After years of building businesses and Teams I want to help you!

If it is to begin a business, expand your business and to sustain your business, I am here for you. You maybe in life transition and need Clarity and a new direction, I am here to assist you. Contact me here. Let’s have a Discover Call!

Remember, It is NEVER Too Early and NEVER Too Late To Create The Life Of Your Dreams!

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The greatest teacher is experience. Don’t Stop!


Be Blessed,